First semester 1920/1921
"Introduction to eletrom. theory of light" (Dr. Doule); "Introduction into theor. Physics" (Dr. Graetz); "Introd. to theory of ... Funct." (Dr. Pringsheim)
"Algebra" (Dr. Voss); "Mechanics" (Dr. Sommerfeld), "Theory of spectral lines based on Bohr's model of the atom" (Dr. Sommerfeld)

Winter semester 1920 (cont.)
"Experimental physics part 1" (Dr.Wien); "Differential geometry of ..." (Dr.Rosenthal); "Problems in Mechanics" (Dr. Sommerfeld)
Summer semester 1921
"Theory of analyt. funct. with problems" (Dr. Pringsheim); "Hydrodynamics" (Dr.Sommerfeld); "Problems in hydrodyn." (Dr. Sommerfeld);
"Magneto. and Electro..." (Dr. Sommerfeld)

Summer semester 1921 (cont.)
"Physics seminar" (Dr. Sommerfeld); "Selected chapt. of theory of surfaces" (Dr. Rosenthal); "Physics Lab" (Dr. Wien)

Winter semester 1921/1922
"Mechanics of the sky" (Seeliger); "Maxwell's theory and Elect." (Sommerfeld); "Problems to Maxwell's theor." (Sommerfeld);
"Boundary probl. in Maxw. th." (Sommerfeld); "Theor. physics seminar" (Sommerfeld); "Physics lab" (Wien); "Theory of real functions" (Rosenthal)

Summer semester 1922
"Magnetism" (Herzfeld); "Nernst's theorem of heat" (Herzfeld); "Theory of eliptic. functions" (Lindemann);
"Some chapters of the 3-body problem" (Seeliger); "Optics" (Sommerfeld); "Electro and Magnetooptic" (Sommerfeld); "Problems in optics" (Sommerfeld);
"Seminar" (Sommerfeld)

Fall semester in Göttingen 1922

Winter semester in Göttingen 1922/23
Hilbert: "Quantenmechanics"; Courant: "Seminar and differential equations"; Born - Hilbert: "Seminar and structure of matter";
Prandtl: "Seminar for applied mechanics"; Frank a. Born: "Seminar";

The doctoral certificate



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